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24/7 Plumbing Emergencies

AJ Coastal Plumbing provides 24/7 emergency plumbing for properties throughout the Wyong region.

When plumbing goes wrong, it can quickly go very wrong. If it’s not addressed immediately, a plumbing emergency can cause harm to your health, threaten the safety of your home, and erode your finances.

We are always ready to help you put these problems in the past as quickly as possible.

Call AJ Coastal Plumbing at the first sign of serious plumbing problems, so you can get back to life without the fear of escalating plumbing issues.

What Is a Plumbing Emergency?

You may be wondering if your plumbing problem qualifies as an emergency or whether you can hold off and schedule a regular appointment.

You may indeed have a plumbing emergency on your hands if yours is one of the following problems:

  • Leaking faucets, toilets or pipe connections
  • Severely clogged drains (no water flow), especially showers & toilets
  • Leaking hot water systems
  • Washing machine & dishwasher leaks
  • Broken or burst pipes (indoor or outdoor)
  • Sudden lack of hot water
  • Sewage backup
Man Calling a Plumber for Emergency — AJ Coastal Plumbing in Tumbi Umbi, NSW
Woman and Plumber Talking — AJ Coastal Plumbing in Tumbi Umbi, NSW

Some plumbing emergencies are more severe than others

Clogged sink drains and leaking pipes can create moisture build-ups that lead to dangerous mould.

Burst or broken pipes may require you to shut off water supply to your whole house, while large appliance leaks make those machines temporarily inoperable.

If you’re in doubt about whether or not your situation is an emergency, it’s better to call and ask us directly.

Stay safe. Rather than allowing the issue to grow worse over time, correct your plumbing problems as soon as you notice them.

We’re always ready to deal with your plumbing emergency, promptly and professionally.