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Residential Plumbing

AJ Coastal Plumbing is a licensed plumber, based at Tumbi Umbi, who provides excellent plumbing and gas fitting services for the Wyong area.

We are trusted for prompt and affordable residential plumbing. We are ready for plumbing projects of any scope—large or small, residential and commercial.

A quote for our services will cost you nothing and our plumbing work will be nothing but the best you'll find for your money anywhere in the Wyong region.
Plumber Fixing Sink Using Pipe Wrench — AJ Coastal Plumbing in Tumbi Umbi, NSW


Every state, country and local area has its own plumbing codes. We help you ensure that all the pipes, fixtures and drainage systems in your home are up to standard, working well and properly installed and maintained.

AJ Coastal Plumbing offers a huge range of solutions to ensure your home plumbing systems run smoothly. We can install all fixtures including toilets, vanities and large appliances. Our team works with you during renovations, to ensure everything is completed properly, without hassle.

Whether you need small repairs for a leaky tap or a complete replacement for a burst pipe that’s flooding your basement—AJ Coastal Plumbing is the professional to call.
Hot Water System Repairing — AJ Coastal Plumbing in Tumbi Umbi, NSW

Hot Water Systems

Gas and electric hot water systems must be installed by a licensed plumber/gas fitter. Staying up-to-date with hot water systems comes with the job at AJ Coastal Plumbing. We will make sure your system provides you with hot water when you need it.

If you’re looking to replace your system, we will help you select the right one for your property and ensure proper installation for optimal function. We take into account your existing fixtures, average water use and the type of property you have to provide you with an installation tailored to your needs.
Gas Fitting — AJ Coastal Plumbing in Tumbi Umbi, NSW

Gas Fitting

AJ Coastal Plumbing is licensed to install, repair, and maintain natural gas lines to properties of any type.

Whether you need a gas line to your cooker, fireplace or hot water system, we can install it safely so you can use appliances within your home without fear.

If you are renovating your kitchen, contact our team about installing your gas appliances today.
Man Repairing Drainage — AJ Coastal Plumbing in Tumbi Umbi, NSW


AJ Coastal Plumbing unblocks blocked drains fast and affordably, anywhere in the Wyong area.

Drainage is one of the leading causes of plumbing issues. A blockage in your drainage system can affect all of your fixtures and cause untold damage if left untreated.

We unclog drains, replace broken pipes, inspect for blockages and correct backflow issues before they become messy and expensive problems.

Don’t delay with drainage problems—contact the licensed professionals at AJ Coastal Plumbing today and get the problem sorted.

Frequently Asked Questions


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Yes. Tree roots can break pipes and enter outdoor water lines, especially larger lines. Once the root begins growing inside, it can expand quickly and fully or partially clog the entire pipe.
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